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B2B Gifts India is a brand name of OL Tech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. & www.b2bgiftsindia.com is a Corporate showcasing Site which provides information about our products under various gifting category.

All the products and services are regulated with defined ‘Terms and Conditions’, which the customer must adhere. We request you to go through the terms and conditions very carefully, as your acceptance will be treated as your agreement for the below terms and conditions. If you are using any service offered by us or have subscribed to any service, then it will be considered that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of the terms or conditions, then you should not use or subscribe to our service or you can stop using the service at any moment.

The words ‘You’, ‘User’ and ‘Customer’ refer to the users accessing www.b2bgiftsindia.com Website and it has all the terms and conditions related to the services offered on this site. These services are provided by the “Service Provider” which is www.b2bgiftsindia.com and all the partners associated with us, they are referred as “we”, “Our” or “us” in the terms and conditions.
Introduction: www.b2bgiftsindia.comis a website which is owned by OL Tech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., which comes under the Indian Corporate Law. The services you are getting from the site are based on the conditions mentioned here and www.b2bgiftsindia.com has all the rights to revise these conditions time to time, without any prior notice to the customer. If you are not ready for the future changes in the terms and conditions of www.b2bgiftsindia.com, then you can stop using the services at any given point of time. Any new services or products offered by us shall be subject to these conditions. Customers should visit the terms and conditions on regular basis to keep updated about the new changes.
User Account, Password, and Security: User name and password will be sent to you after a successful registration with us. You will be responsible for the secured use of your credentials and all the activities performed under your account will be owned by you. You should immediately contact us in case you come across any unauthorized access of your account. We will discontinue your services from immediate basis, but we will not be responsible for any financial or data loss happening due to any unauthorized access.
Services offered: www.b2bgiftsindia.com has a number of products & services to offer and sell Gift Material like Home décor, Electronics, notebooks, office stationary, business cards, T-shirts and many such things, which are a part of our services. You can always avail these services from our site and you will have to pay according to the value associated with the service. www.b2bgiftsindia.com has all the rights on the payment received from you for all the services offered on the site.
www.b2bgiftsindia.com Support Services: www.b2bgiftsindia.com provides customer support through phone or email. There are no extra charges for customer support services. This support is limited to the queries related to the site and no other queries will be answered in this service.
Reviews and comments monitoring: Reviews and comments are always welcomed by www.b2bgiftsindia.com Members can always express their thoughts and comments about the products or services available on our website. www.b2bgiftsindia.com reserves the rights to monitor, audit, pre-screen, analyze, delete, block, limit access, suspend, copy, save, transfer, refuse or advertise these. www.b2bgiftsindia.com is not responsible for any comment or review posted on the site regarding their language, content, correctness, authentication, completeness, legal check, integrity or copyright. Members are responsible for what is written by them and a legal action can be taken in case of any abusive language use.
Exchange or cancellation of product:www.b2bgiftsindia.com doesn’t take any guarantee about the product you will get after placing order. We don’t claim regarding the design, quality, final finish, text appearing and material of the product or any other expectations you have about the product. Before doing any modification or alteration in grammar, spellings, sentence and language in your order, our representative will send you an email for the confirmation. If you disagree with the changes, then you can always reject it through email, by responding to it within 7 days of the date you have received the mail from us. In case you request for a refund, then the total time it takes to refund your amount depends upon the bank service provider you have selected while payment, though the maximum time it takes is around 30 days. There are circumstances on which www.b2bgiftsindia.com doesn’t have any control over and may not come in the satisfaction guarantee. Any sort of mistake such as wrong spelling, grammar, low resolution picture or any sort of defect in user provided material will not be applicable of any exchange or refund. This also includes any finish error due to some wrong selection by the user, selected quality or damage after shipment. It is requested that the customers place their order very carefully by selecting the desired product quality product and by providing the right sort of material.
Report Abuse: www.b2bgiftsindia.com provides the facility to customers to submit their comments and upload content on our website. www.b2bgiftsindia.com doesn’t take any responsibility regarding this content. Customer is responsible for any kind of content submitted by him. It’s not necessary that www.b2bgiftsindia.com reviews, verifies all the comments published on the website and these comments will be published as it is. The user has to make sure that the content they are posting is not defamatory or violates any copyright or trademark laws. If any such kind of incident is reported or any legal action is taken by any one on these comments, then only the customer will be held responsible for these. Such kind of incident can be reported with www.b2bgiftsindia.com support team.
Customer Termination:www.wepritntall.com can terminate, remove or suspend your account from the website or for any service without information to the customer for any such action. www.b2bgiftsindia.com does not owe any explanation to the customer for such steps. www.b2bgiftsindia.com has all the rights to keep a copy of the content which the user has published or delete everything, without keeping any copy. www.b2bgiftsindia.comcan re-use any content deleted, as it was published in public domain. User is not entitled to ask for a copy of the data which they have submitted on website. Customer is liable to complete the payment pending for any product they purchased or any service they have opted for.
Customer Unsubscription If the customer unsubscribes for any service or deletes his/her account, then the customer is liable to pay for any dues or any payment pending for the items purchased from the site. www.b2bgiftsindia.com has all the rights to keep the content customer has published on the website and it can be reproduced by www.b2bgiftsindia.com
User Conduct and Rules: Customers have to obey all the rules and conducts which include not to:
1. Abuse, stalk, defame, threaten, harass, disregard or otherwise violate the legal rights of other customers or www.b2bgiftsindia.com
2. Publish, upload, distribute, post or disseminate any, profane, obscene, defamatory, infringing inappropriate content, information, topic against any person, caste, religion etc.
3. Upload any file which contains any sort of virus, program, corrupted file which can hamper www.b2bgiftsindia.combusiness or can do any sort of damage to other customer’s computer.
4. Upload any software, document, trademark, content which is protected by intellectual property rules and regulations or violate the copyright law.
5. Sending email, conducting survey, using or sending e-cards, giving any offer by using www.b2bgiftsindia.com name.
6. Download, circulate, transfer or keep a copy of the content published by other users.
7. Not following or violating any terms and conditions intentionally or unintentionally.
8. Not following or violating code of conduct or guidelines set by the www.b2bgiftsindia.com
DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: www.b2bgiftsindia.com and all third parties associated with this never claim any warranties, including but not limited to:
1. This site will be available 24/7 without any interruption. There will be no downtime.
2. This site will meet all the expectations and requirements of the customer.
3. Site will not have any error or it is a secure site or any error or defect will be corrected in future.
4. We do not validate about accuracy, reliability, completeness or truthfulness of any information present in website.
5. Any product you receive in electronic format or as a downloadable link will not contain any virus, corrupt files, Bugs, Trojan or any wrong information. These files can’t harm your computer.

Customer will be responsible for any sort of damage happening due to accessing the site or downloading any files sent by the www.b2bgiftsindia.com or accessing any link from the site. Customer is accessing this website on its own risk and no damage can be claimed in any condition.
CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: All the members of the site must realize that they may have confidential information related to www.b2bgiftsindia.com By accepting these terms and conditions, the users accept that they will not use this confidential information for any purpose either personal or commercial. Even after termination or deleting account, users have to keep all such information confidential and not to disclose to anyone.

Users can’t use this information in any form such as publishing, marketing, press release, advertisement or any sort of promotion. Any third party also can’t publish such content on behalf of you. You should not keep any such information with you in any format and must destroy immediately after using it.
Feedback: Any remarks, proposals, recommendations, propositions or other feedback Information given to www.b2bgiftsindia.com, regarding the content or operation of this Site shall be given by the submitter and accepted by www.b2bgiftsindia.comon a non-confidential basis. The entire suggestions, remarks and other data should turn into the selective property of www.b2bgiftsindia.com By submitting any such data to www.b2bgiftsindia.com, you concur that you are assigning and entrusting, at no charge, all the majority of your right, title and interest in the data, including all copyrights and all the other intellectual property rights. You concur that www.b2bgiftsindia.com should be allowed to utilize such data as their own premise.
Governing law: These terms shall be governed by the laws of India without reference to strife of laws principles and conflict emerging in connection hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi. All issues identified with the violation, security, misuse of copyrighted materials, any legal activity related to your use to or access to this website shall be administered by the laws of India. You are giving your consent to submit to the jurisdiction of courts of New Delhi, India and concur that location of these courts is suitable in any such lawful proceeding.
Social Media Marketing: The Terms and Conditions that build up as per the standards under which www.b2bgiftsindia.com permits you access to the Social Media Marketing item. In addition, all the standards incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy should also be complied with all concerned as the Social Media Marketing items are concerned.

All the product of social media marketing from www.b2bgiftsindia.com come under the term and conditions of particular social media marketing sites and the privacy policy of www.b2bgiftsindia.com so anybody requesting for such products must be aware of this. All the social media marketing products offered by www.b2bgiftsindia.com are to promote your business by placing advertisements on Facebook. All such advertisements follow the guidelines purposed by Facebook for social media marketing.

If you are using any of the social media marketing product from our website that mean you agree to follow the below Facebook Terms and Condition
Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms)
Facebook Advertising Guidelines (https://www.facebook.com/ad_guidelines.php)
Community Payments Terms (https://www.facebook.com/payments_terms)
You should be aware of that Facebook terms and conditions social media marketing conditions are subject to change and all the social media marketing products coming under this should be updated accordingly. www.b2bgiftsindia.com will not be responsible for any type of loss/profit occur due to social media marketing. This also includes any cost or consequential damages due to excess billing which can be related to social media marketing product by any chance. www.b2bgiftsindia.com reserves all the rights to discontinue any social media marketing product at any given moment of time without any further notice.
Copyright: All the content, pictures, designs, sound records, video documents are the copyright of www.b2bgiftsindia.com and are covered under copyright laws. It’s prohibited to copy, save, transfer, use, publish, transmit, and sell anything obtained from the site. www.b2bgiftsindia.com reserves the rights of the website, content, logo or any other information available on the site. Any type of content of this Website can’t be changed, dispersed, broadcast, retransmitted, copied, recreated, distributed, performed, exchanged, sold or commercially dealt with in any way without the prior permission of www.b2bgiftsindia.com